Cross Cultural Training for Hospitality Industry


U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce is offering an intensive cross-cultural training workshop specifically for the hospitality industry. As more and more Chinese tourists name the U.S. as their top vacation destination, the number of Chinese visitors coming to America could triple within 20 years. This remarkable growth is forcing the U.S.’s hospitality industry to adapt to this influx of Chinese tourists. This tested, intensive program is specifically designed to help professionals in the hotel industry understand the Chinese culture and accommodate the needs of the Chinese guests.


The highly condensed program will guide you and your staff through the unique cultural aspects of Chinese, the essence of understanding and building relationships with Chinese, the dos and don’ts, foods and drinks, basic Chinese language, and many other essential tips to deal with Chinese guests. The program can be customized from a two hour session to a whole day workshop. Both newcomers and experienced international business people will find it beneficial to participate in this interactive, highly focused, and yet comprehensive workshop.


  • The workshop will be conducted at your premises. Your staff will not need to leave work and can save hours or even days of travel time.

  • The workshop can be held at one of your meeting rooms and will minimize venue expenses.

  • For a fixed investment of between $2,000 and $5,000, a maximum of 30 people can participate in the training. The cost per employee could be less than $100.

  • You will be granted the privilege to make up to 30 copies of the workshop materials. The workshop participants can use the materials as ongoing learning tools, particularly for language drills and reference.

  • This training program is tested, proven, and modified U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce will work with your organization to qualify this workshop for C.P.E.

  • The workshop will be taught by Siva Yam, CPA, CFA, one of the most recognized experts in U.S.-China business. Mr. Yam has served as President of U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce for 15 years. He has visited over a thousand companies, attended or spoken at several hundreds of events, and hosted many hundreds of guests from China. He has been quoted at over 2,000 websites, and many of his interviews have been translated into different languages. China Daily stated, “Siva Yam knows business - especially when it comes to US and Chinese relationships ….” Investor's Business Daily stated, "American companies seeking advice on operating there often seek out Chicago investment banker Siva Yam, president of the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce ...." Mr. Yam has also taught business etiquettes for both U.S. and Chinese executives.


A copy of the proposed workshop agenda is available here for your consideration.


For further information, please contact Mai Hoang at 312-368-9029 or We look forward to working with you.

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