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U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce

U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce now provides assistance in
procuring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Manufacturing, Small Business, Trade

June 1, 2020

With its extensive contacts in both the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries, USCCC has been assisting many U.S. companies and entrepreneurs in procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers, and others.  The market is filled with scams, poor quality products, and USCCC is using its best efforts to help U.S. buyers navigate the process.

USCCC is taking the following approach:

  • Make contact directly with reputable manufacturers
  • Make contact with authorized distributors
  • Work with agents that USCCC has long term relationship with and has the financial resources to undertake the task
  • Identify PPEs that are already in the U.S. so that they can be inspected, purchased in small or large quantity, and shipped instantly or within less than a week - the buyers can inspect the goods and will not be burdened with logistics or customs clearing. For instance, we have identified NIOSH and FDA 510K certified N95 face masks currently in New York.
  • Create group buying for small orders to achieve quantity discount and low cost shipping

For further information, please contact Mai Hoang at or 312-368-9029.