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14th Annual US-China Trade Conference

As China is asserting its position in the world’s economic and political order, US- China business relation is expecting to enter into a new era.  China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, has made the Chinese Dream the centerpiece of his vision for the future of China.  As China pursues this vision for its place in the world, how will this impact US businesses?  After 35 years of economic reform, China has experienced a rise in labor cost, which result in stagnate growth in exports, FDIs, and GDP.  Now it is looking for new technologies, industries, and economic models to re-energize its economy.  The rapid changes in China’s direction have created many uncertainties as well as opportunities.  This comprehensive conference sets out to address these issues and provide insight on future opportunities.
We have gotten together a group of distinguished practitioners who have been involved in US-China business for many years. They represent a wide range of businesses, functional and strategic areas, both small and large corporations, and are willing to share their experience.  Highlights of the programs are:
·        Acquisition of A123 Systems – An Insider Story
·        Shanghai Free Trade Zone
·        Using RMB for international settlement currency
·        Changes in business practices, tax law, accounting laws, and immigration law that impact US-China business and trade
·        Small and medium enterprises that have succeeded in breaking into the competitive Chinese domestic market
·        Product safety issues
·        Change in the global supply chain, tradeoffs between China and other emerging countries such as Mexico, the US now being one of the most competitive sources
·        The evolution of starting, investing, and operating a business in China
·        The integration of internet technologies in regulations and business operations in China
Those topics are timely, forward looking, relevant, and critical to your success in today’s global market.  We are very fortunate that many executives are willing to share their experience and insights with us, and I urge you to join our community to work together to build a better economy.  To RSVP for this event, please fill out the following registration form and fax it us at (312) 368-9922 or email it to us at as an attachment. For more information, please feel free to call us at (312) 368-9911 or see the attached.



Past Annual U.S.-China Trade Conferences 

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