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Business Advisory Group

Business Advisory Group

The purpose is to offer unbiased, cost effective advice and services to US companies to help them to stay competitive in this global economy. The services will be fee based according to our hourly rate and the kind of services that are performed. The range of our services include performing market analysis and partner introduction, identifying manufacturers in China and coordination of factory visits, assisting in forming joint ventures and wholly-owned foreign enterprises. USCCC is in a unique position because of our extensive knowledge and network in China. Since we are independent and non-profit in nature with an extensive network of corporate sponsors, we are committed to helping both US and Chinese companies to stay competitive.

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Stage 1  ->             Stage 2  ->             Stage 3  ->             Stage 4  ->             Stage 5  ->            Stage 6
Identify Goals          Identify                  Budget &               
Due Diligence &     Sample Production​  Full

                              Companies             timetable                Company                & Contract              Production 


Market Entry Strategy Development

Stage 1  ->             Stage 2  ->             Stage 3  ->            Stage 4  ->             Stage 5  ->           Stage 6

Strategy                 Budget &                Primary Market       Secondary Market    Analyze Data         Development

Development          timetable                Study                     Study                     and Report            Implement

& Finding Niche                                                                                               Findings                Marketing​  



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