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China Visas Services

We have been processing emergency visas for qualified individuals for the last 12 months and have been 100% successful. 



China has resume acceptance of all different types of visa application 

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As a membership organization, we keep our processing fees as low as possible. You can receive even more benefits by signing up for U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce Membership when applying for a visa!

General Membership is only $350 per year.  You will receive prioritized service, with no USCCC fees for 2 visas as well as many other benefits.

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‘Without the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce and Siva, I don’t think I would have gotten my visa. There were a lot of steps, and they made those steps very easy to follow.’

(Jon traveled to China during the pandemic; after returning he spoke at a webinar hosted by the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce. To see the whole interview, click here)

December 16, 2020


Jon R. Tabor, CEO of Allied Mineral Products


About 30 months ago, China has suspended all visas issued before March 2020.  Even though China has eliminated the mandatory quarantine policy for foreign travelers to China, you will still need a visa for entry.  If you are looking to go to China soon, as of this time, you will need to apply for a single entry, emergency visa or a new 10 year multiple entries visa as of this time even though you have a valid 10 year visa that was issued before March 2020.

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates have just reopened, and applications for both visa and document authentication must now be submitted in person either by the applicant or a third party.  Please note that application form now is 8 pages, and a number of documents are required.  The following is detailed information and tips that will help you navigate the process and save time.  The Chinese consulate, however, may require additional information after reviewing the application.  You should also visit the Chinese Embassy and Consulates website for additional information

THIS GUIDE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY.  USCCC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS.  Please feel free to contact our office at or 312-368-9911 (phone) and 312-368-9922 (fax).

There are three steps:

  1. Complete and submit the application online.

  2. Make an appointment online to submit the application in person.

  3. Submit the application in person, either yourself or a third party.

The following are tips in completing the application and assembling required documents.  Please note that the Chinese consulate may require more documentation.  

  • Please complete the application form online. After completing the application, please print the application and the confirmation page.  Sign and date.  A total of 10 pages. There will be a QR Code on the application that is unique to the information you input. Please note that the sizes of these pages are A4. As in the US, the size of the paper is Letter.  When you print, you will need to shrink the size to print on letter size paper.  Please make sure that you fill out the application completely and check the accuracy before you submit.  Once when you submit and if there is any missing or incorrect information, you will need to start all over and obtain a new QR code. Also save the file as often as needed.  If you are logged out without saving your file, you will need to start all over.

  • A Valid Passport with at least 6 months before it expires and two blank pages.

  • A Photo – Make sure that it is not the same as the one in your passport if your passport is issued six months ago. ALTHOUGHT THE APPLICATION FORM SAYS THAT IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO UPLOAD THE PHOTO SUCCESSFULLY, YOU COULD SEND IT IN TOGETHER WITH THE FORM. THE CONSULATE NOW REQUIRES THAT THE PHOTO MUST BE UPLOADED SUCCESSFULLY.  We typically advise the applicant to make sure that the photo has been uploaded successfully and still at the same time submit a photo along with the application even though this may not be needed.

  • A copy of the driver’s license or utility bill to prove residency in a specific jurisdiction. 

  • Copy of Current and Past Chinese Visa; Original Copy if Visa is still valid; Copy of information page of the passport that has the visa and copy of most recent past visa (Electronic version is fine. We do not need the original.)  If you have a valid 10 year visa and want to apply for a new 10 year visa, you will need to write a letter declaring that you are giving up the current 10 year visa and applying for a new 10 year visa.

  • A letter from your inviting party in China with the following information, name, gender, date of birth, passport number, your current employer, position, purpose of going, dates of arrival and departure, duration, and relationship between you and the inviting party.  The letter also needs to indicate who is going to pay for the trip.  Make sure that it is on the company’s letterhead, sign, officially seal, and date. (Electronic version is fine. We do not need the original.)  The inviting party also needs to put down his/her contact’s name, phone number, and address. You do NOT need a letter from the government.  

  • Other items:

  • Education - although the form only requires you put in detailed education background post High School, the Consulate most of the time requires that you put down information on High School or equivalent.  To avoid any unnecessary delay, I suggest that you will put down the details.

  • Name - in your native language.  You must put down your name in your native language regardless of where you were born.

  • Job Position and Description - they want as much information as possible and you need to complete this section in detail.

  • Itinerary if available - not mandatory but they may ask.

​Please feel free to contact our office at or 312-368-9911 (phone) and 312-368-9922 (fax).

Total Fee Including Chinese Consulate Fee ($140) Excluding Shipping    $480.00

Shipping To Applicant (UPS Express)                                                         $  32.50 or $0 if you provide shipping  

If the application has to be submitted in Washington DC, New York,

  Los Angeles or San Francisco, additional shipping to and from courier   $32.50 x 2 = $65               


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