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The U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce is the only truly bi-national, non-profit organization assisting both U.S. and Chinese companies and professionals in understanding and conducting successful business together, as well as in developing solid relationships.

In carrying out its mission, the USCCC organizes a variety of programs and provides a diverse set of services. It also directly advises corporations in U.S.-China business activities, drawing on an extensive network of contacts, and performing an instrumental role in assisting them in entering the market, managing costs, forming joint ventures and solving problems. Over the years, the USCCC has extended services to its members and the business community at large. In-house staff and an extensive network of outside corporate partners and consultants are able to address specifically many of the problems encountered by both U.S. and Chinese companies.

To fully assist both U.S. and Chinese companies in conducting successful business together, USCCC offers the following services:

For more information about the services USCCC offers, please contact our office at (312) 368-9911 or email us at

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