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Thailand Visa

Do you need a visa to go to Thailand for business?

We have recently received many inquiries asking whether a visa is required for American passport holders to go to Thailand for business.  There have been a lot of confusion.  I did the research, and I received the following message from one of the most senior leaders in Thailand.  Based on that, I suggest that all visitors to Thailand for business should get a business visa.  USCCC can assist you with your application for obtaining a Thai visa.


According to Thai relevant law American passport holders, who come to Thailand for business related matter even for a very short term e.g. for a meeting, need to apply for non-immigrant visa (Code B visa). The visa exemption is only for the American who come for tourism purposes. However, in practice there are many foreigners from countries which get visa exemption for tourists who come to Thailand for short time business meetings without any visa and do not experience any problem. However, USCCC advises its members and clients that they should obtain business visas to be in full compliance with the Thai immigration laws. USCCC provides one-stop, express, inexpensive visa services for all countries.

Money Order Fee - Effective, October 4, 2017, for all visa and passport services that require money orders, USCCC will charge a $1.20 money order fee.  


Business Visa Requirements


1. Valid Passport 

  • Passport must have at least six months remaining validity 

  • Passport must contain at least one completely blank visa page


2. Completed and signed Thailand visa application form (download)

  • Visa form must be completed in BLOCK letters


3. Two (2) recent passport-style photos

  • Photographs must be 2" x 2", taken against a solid white background with a full-face view of the person without hat or dark glasses


4. Copy of recent bank statement

  • Bank statement must show evidence of adequate finances ($700 per person and $1500 per family)


5. Business introduction letter from US Company

  • Letter must state the applicant's position in the company, length of employment, salary, and purpose of visit to Thailand, and type of visa requested

  • Must indicate who is financially responsible for the applicant, provide contact information for host in Thailand

  • Must be written on company letterhead and signed by a manager

  • This must be an original letter

  • Please note: If applicant is self-employed, a copy of a business license or business registration indicating the applicant's name is required


6. Letter of invitation from host company in Thailand

  • Letter must iclude name and title of applicant, passport number, detailed description of the purpose of visit, probable duration of stay, and the type of visa requested, organizations and places to be visited, and contact information of host

  • Must be written on company letterhead

  • An original invitation letter is required


7. Copies of corporate documents of host company in Thailand

  • Business registration or business license


8. Fee Schedule (download)


Non-US passport Holders


9. A copy of permanent resident card (Green Card)  a copy of valid US visa


10. Employment verification letter



For more information, please download our Thailand Business Visa Application Package



Processing Time


3-5 Business Days





Thailand Visa Fees________________________________               Costs______________

3 Month Single Entry Business Visa                                               $80.00

1 Year Multiple Entry Business Visa                                               $200.00


U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce Fees                                       Costs                         

Processing Fee                                                                          $160.00

Money Order Fee                                                                       $1.20


USCCC accepts cash, credit card or check. If you would like to pay by check, please make the check payable to US-China Chamber of Commerce. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. Please note that a 4.9% credit card fee applies to the total cost.


Any additional work required to complete a visa in a timely manner may be subjected to an additional charge. For example, additional trips to the Consulate or personal passport delivery. 



Please call our office at (312) 368-9911 to make sure that your materials meet the requirements before sending us your application materials. You can also email us a copy of your application materials at, so we can check your documents.

Once you have assembled all of the documents, you can send them to:

ATTN: Visa Department

U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce

55 W. Monroe Street, Suite 630

Chicago, IL 60603

USCCC can ship the completed passport, Thai visa and receipt using the applicant's FedEx or UPS shipping account. If the applicant does not have a shipping account, we will charge a shipping fee to cover the cost of shipping. The estimated shipping cost is $32.50.

To download Thailand Visa application package, click here.

To download Thailand Visa application form, click here.

To download Thailand Visa fee schedule, click here.

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