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Cross Cultural Training

During these courses, participants learn basic Chinese language communication skills, while consultants thoroughly discuss the people and the business culture of The People's Republic of China. Often included in the training is a panel discussion led by executives who have worked extensively in China. The classes are adaptable for groups of about 10-20 participants, and can be customized to fit your needs. Our cross-cultural training programs help to bridge gaps for people who interact with China, such as business transferees and their families, and employees of global companies. Whether you are heading overseas on a business trip, communicating regularly with foreign partners from the U.S., or selling to customers in China, training from USCCC can ensure that you can communicate effectively. International business requires much more than knowing a country's language. It is important to be skilled in the cultural nuances of a society to make the best impression and avoid misunderstandings.


Topics include:

•   Chinese Language


     o Language structure

     o General overview of dialects

     o Pronunciation and tones

     o Introduction to reading and writing

     o Dictionary usage

     o Communication skills

           Situational dialogues
           Business Chinese and technical terminology


•   Cross-cultural Training


    o Social practices and business etiquette, including gift-giving

    o Communication and negotiation styles, including communication do's and don'ts

    o China’s infrastructure (geography, politics, economy, social life, history, etc.)

    o Adapting to life in China



Lessons will include daily drills in Chinese language and time for practice afterward. Each session will also discuss a variety of cultural issues to place lessons in context.


Fees for the program are tentatively $495 per person, include the cost of materials. USCCC can accommodate you with cultural orientations at your site or ours, in large or small groups. Every program is custom-tailored to your specific needs.

After attending a USCCC cross cultural seminar, participants will have a deeper understanding of the values, behaviors and attitudes encountered in China, and the impact such values have on their work. They will be equipped to choose the right techniques for dealing with international cultural and business issues effectively. And finally, they will have an enhanced ability to interact with people from China socially and professionally to build a trusting relationship.


USCCC will now begin offering cross cultural training programs, specifically for the hospitality industry. For more information, click here.

If you are interested in hosting a cross-cultural training program for your group, organization, or company, please contact our offices at (312) 368-9911 or email us at

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