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Believing that most successful business ventures are built on trust and that trust can only be developed through  “relationships” or “guanxi”, the United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce strives to facilitate the development of this important element for both U.S. and Chinese companies. Throughout the years, the Chamber has organized a series of networking receptions, investment forums, trade missions and other related activities. Its most significant contribution, however, is made through its Board of Directors and a broad network of contacts. They provide USCCC members, as well as the general business communities in both countries, with direct access to business leaders and government officials who are essential in their business development efforts.

​Knowledge & Information

United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce strives to provide its members and the general public with information that is current and important to making critical business decisions. The USCCC continuously identifies the most timely topics in our ever-changing, digitalized global economy and invites business executives and professionals with first-hand experience to address these topics from different perspectives. While there might be more than one resolution to a single problem, the USCCC hosts a variety of programs such as conferences, seminars, investment forums, town hall meetings to look at different issues as objectively and as practically as possible.

​U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce


19 South La Salle Street

Suite 601

Chicago, Illinois 60603 U.S.A.


Tel: (312) 368-9911
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China Office - Ningbo: 

Director:  Zhang, Jian Ming
2309 Portman Center

52 Caihong North Road
Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

China 315040

Tel: 86-574-87953268

Fax: 86-574-87953267

Email: jianmingzhang@usccc.org

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