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PEER Chain

Since 1969, the PEER Chain family has been a strong and reliable source that you can count on! We are a family connected by links forged over years of excellent service, quality and expertise. Our family is passionately committed to providing product genius and over-the-top service to keep you moving. We pledge to provide unsurpassed care while delivering quality chain along with the WOW SOLUTION throughout our entire relationship. We want you to think of PEER because you need more than just chain. We throw in peace of mind, dependability and reliability for free to keep your projects moving forward!


PEER Chain’s products span a range of applications, from heavy series drive chains on farm equipment to oil rigs; from the smallest micro-chip processing conveyor to a hydroelectric dam project. For more than 40 years, the company has provided ANSI and ISO compliant chains for the agricultural machinery, food, citrus, lumber, sugar, construction equipment, and sewage treatment industries.


Company Culture


PEER Chain considers all employees, representatives and customers to be part of the family! We take pride in a family-centric atmosphere, and we know that each individual that comes in contact with PEER Chain has an enjoyable experience. With these qualities, you can count on us as a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable source in the industrial chain industry!

About Us

Daniel Spungen

Principal / VP Strategic Planning


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