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Corporate Sponsor Contact

Yi Zhang

Principal, FRM, PMP

Wanxiang America

Expert to advise companies on US-China trade & investments to realize business value and potentials. Extensive experience in corporate strategy development, global expansion (Greenfield, merger & acquisition, post merger integration), risk management & governance, financial planning and forecasting, and regulatory compliance. Has advised companies and organizations such as Wanxiang, Wanda, Citi, FDIC, JPMorgan Chase, Mayo Clinic, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Target on strategy, M&A, digital, analytics & emerging technology solutions, operation optimization, and regulatory compliance. MBA with Dean's Honor from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Recent Articles & News

2021 China tax planning: Incentives exit and tax filing calendar

Article/ Pub

Yi Zhang, Alex He, Crystal Li, Brian Wang

February 2, 2021

Tax rules change affects foreign nationals working in China

Article/ Pub

Alex He, Brian Wang, Yi Zhang

February 19, 2019

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