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Board of Directors

Pin Ni


Wanxiang America

Pin Ni is president of Wanxiang America Corporation, a wholly owned US subsidiary of Wanxiang Group Company, China's largest automotive components manufacturer based in Hangzhou, China. Wanxiang is one of the most successful Chinese corporate investors in the United States, having acquired and turned around numerous troubled facilities in the Midwest.


Ni also serves as the executive vice president for Wanxiang Group. He earned his bachelor’s degree and MBA from Zhejiang University and was a doctoral candidate in economics at the University of Kentucky.

Recent Articles & News

Pin Ni, Who Turned $20,000 Into A $4 Billion Company, Discusses Chinese Investments In The U.S.

Article/ Pub

Ellen Sheng, an interview with Pin Ni

July 27, 2016

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