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Dalian Plus

Dalian Foreign Affairs clears obstacles for foreign enterprises.

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July 19, 2021

Dalian Plus' representative, Zhang ZhanLiang accompanied Kashiyama (Dalian) Co. Ltd. directors to present a traditional silk banner(锦旗)to the Dalian Foreign Affairs Office. The Foreign Affairs Office is responsible for processing the invitation letters (PU letters) required for visa processing, and they have been extremely supportive to qualifying businesses.

In the report that was posted on the Dalian Foreign Affairs' Official WeChat account, it was said that they have received 26 banners from appreciative companies since the pandemic started.

At the time of the above-mentioned report, Dalian Foreign Affairs had issued invitation letters for 2973 foreigners who are returning to Dalian for business purposes.

张占良 大连普拉斯企业管理有限公司 Kashiyama 大连外事