Expedited Passport Services are available through USCCC


U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce


September 7, 2021

If you urgently need a passport for travel but do not have time to search for passport appointments or travel across the country to appear in person, please contact us.

U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce is a registered courier for U.S. passport services. We can expedite your processing.

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Learn more: U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce Passport Services


It is puzzling that many people will use a visa and passport agent that they find online without knowing who they are. Some if not most do not have a physical address or even a phone number.


Your passport could be the single most important document when you travel overseas; applying for a visa and passport will require you to disclose very sensitive, personal, and confidential information. It is amazing that many will share such information with someone whom they have never met or talked to and give them their credit card information as well. In the best scenario, their applications is approved, but the possibility of identity theft is always there. In the worst scenario, the credit card is charged, and personal information is misappropriated.


U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce was founded by the late Prescott S. Bush, Jr. about 30 years ago and is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that has helped tens of thousands of companies and professionals successfully conduct business activities. Over 5,000 people have come to its events. It also provides the best visa, passport, and document authentication processing as part of its services to the community. It maintains a physical address, and it always answers or returns the phone calls in a timely manner.


When you deal with USCCC you know who you are dealing with, and there is no guessing game. It does not sell its database and uses its best efforts not to compromise the integrity of your information.


Learn more: U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce Passport Services

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

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