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21st Annual U.S.-China Trade Conference
“Managing the Uncertainties:
Lessons Learned from Supply Chain Disruptions,”

May 12-13, 2022

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Union League Club, Chicago, IL, USA

This in-person event is timely as the world is going through many unprecedented, unexpected shocks and disruptions started with the U.S.-China trade war and worsened during the pandemic lockdowns and recent political and military conflicts.
We are gathering a group of 20+ seasoned executives with hands-on experience to discuss how they manage the uncertainties and position their companies for the future in this premier event. Over 150+ business owners and managers will converge to share their thoughts and build friendship.

Reuters: Supply Chain Execution
USA 2022

June 1-2, 2022

Chicago, IL

Reuters Events

U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce is a supporting partner of this live event to be held in Chicago. Members interested in attending can reach out directly to Reuters.

Upcoming Events
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U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce

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