Visa & Passport Services


  • USCC offers services to businesses and individuals. 

  • We handle visa and passport services for clients from all states. Our headquarters are located a short distance from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago, and we maintain a network of couriers who will submit applications in other jurisdictions.  

  • Due to the pandemic, normal visa processing and document authentication services are suspended at the Chinese Embassy and Consulates. Emergency processing may still be completed but could require additional paperwork and fees.  Please contact USCCC offices for more information.

USCCC  Visa, Passport, and Document Authentication Service

One stop document authentication and visa processing for ALL COUNTRIES

Proper traveling documents are essential for international travel. Arguably, your passport is the only legal identity you have when you travel overseas. Information you provided for visa, passport, and document authentication processing could be sensitive and confidential.  Unlike other agents, USCCC maintains its physical office in the heart of Chicago that you can visit.  In addition, its staff strives for excellency in customer service and will always answer your calls.  As a non-profit organization founded by the late Prescott S. Bush, Jr., it is a trusted name.  It uses its best efforts to treat all private information in confidence and will limit the use of such information solely for the purported purpose. Its indepth knowledge of global affairs and diplomacy plus extensive contacts with various consulates and embassies allow it to expedite the process when other agents are not in a position to do so.  For instance, it offers same day, no physical passport required Vietnam visa processing.


In addition, it has recently added new service to provide one stop document authentication processing for all countries including China, Vietnam, India and other countries.  USCCC will obtain certain corporate filings directly from the state and get them authenticated with the proper consulates and embassies.  Further, its cost is significantly less than other agents and the process is transparent.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Vietnam Visa - Should I obtain a landing visa as landing visa is fast and does not require tedious paper work? 


USCCC suggests that you will apply for a one year loose leaf visa which is arguably faster and simpler plus one year multiple entries. In co-operation with US-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Vietnam Embassy to the US, USCCC now offers same day, no passport loose leaf ONE YEAR multiple entries visa to Vietnam.





Thailand Visa - Do I need a visa for a business trip to Thailand? 


According to Thai relevant law American passport holders, who come to Thailand for business related matter even for a very short term e.g. for a meeting, need to apply for non immigrant visa (Code B visa). The visa exemption is only for the American who come for tourism purposes. However, in practice there are many foreigners from countries which get visa exemption for tourists who come to Thailand for short time business meetings without any visa and do not experience any problem.  However, USCCC advises its members and clients that they should obtain business vsias to be in full compliance with the Thai immigration laws. USCCC provides one-stop, express, inexpensive visa services for all countries.

Visa and Passport News

updated October 4, 2017


Money Order Fee - Effective, October 4, 2017, for all visa and passport services that require money orders, USCCC will charge a $1.20 money order fee.

USCCC offers visa, passport, and document authentication services. Why should you choose USCCC for your passport and visa needs?

  • One Stop Shop. USCCC now offers U.S. passport services, including new passports, passport renewals, and additional passport pages, and visa services, including China visas, India Visas, Brazil Visas, Russian Visas, and Vietnam Visas to satisfy your passport and visa service needs.

  • Excellent and Efficient Service. Clients are greeted by a USCCC employee who can answer your questions and ensure efficient service. We are not just a visa/passport processing agent, we are problem solvers with a mission to help U.S. companies to stay competitive and assist clients in their travel needs.

  • Quick Turnaround. Each of our services can be expedited for a quick turnaround. We understand how important your time is, so we make sure your passport and/or visa is processed quickly and efficiently.

  • Emergency Services. We offer emergency visa services for China, India, Russia, Brazil and Vietnam. Emergency services are evaluated on a case-by-case basis so please contact our office if you have emergency travel needs. In some situations we may be able to process your visa request for 24 or same day service.

For more information about our visa, passport, and authentication services, please feel free to contact the visa department at (312) 368-9911 or at Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information.