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updated October 4, 2017


Money Order Fee - Effective, October 4, 2017, for all visa and passport services that require money orders, USCCC will charge a $1.20 money order fee.



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USCCC offers visa, passport, and document authentication services. Why should you choose USCCC for your passport and visa needs?

  • One Stop Shop. USCCC now offers U.S. passport services, including new passports, passport renewals, and additional passport pages, and visa services, including China visas, India Visas, Brazil Visas, Russian Visas, and Vietnam Visas to satisfy your passport and visa service needs.

  • Excellent and Efficient Service. Clients are greeted by a USCCC employee who can answer your questions and ensure efficient service. We are not just a visa/passport processing agent, we are problem solvers with a mission to help U.S. companies to stay competitive and assist clients in their travel needs.

  • Quick Turnaround. Each of our services can be expedited for a quick turnaround. We understand how important your time is, so we make sure your passport and/or visa is processed quickly and efficiently.

  • Emergency Services. We offer emergency visa services for China, India, Russia, Brazil and Vietnam. Emergency services are evaluated on a case-by-case basis so please contact our office if you have emergency travel needs. In some situations we may be able to process your visa request for 24 or same day service.

For more information about our visa, passport, and authentication services, please feel free to contact the visa department at (312) 368-9911 or at Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information.

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