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2008 Events

U.S.-China-Japan Automotive Conference

The Future of the Auto Industry

October 28, 2008

Chicago, Illinois


Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour with the delegation from Dalian, Changzhou, Shanghai Foreign Economics & Trade Investment Group and Huachen Automotive Group Holdings Co., LTD at the U.S.-China-Japan Automotive Conference in 2008

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Other 2008 Events

  • Ninth Annual U.S.-China Trade Conference, November 13-14, 2008, Chicago, Illinois ​

  • ​U.S.-China-Japan Automotive Conference - The Future of the Auto Industry, October 28, 2008, Chicago, Illinois

  • International Sourcing Fair and International Sourcing Summit, September 22-25, 2008, Shanghai, China​

  • National City Bank Event- China: Threat or Opportunity Hosted by National City Bank, September 25, 2008, Chicago, Illinois​

  • An Investment Forum of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) Hosted by China Foreign Trade Center and the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, September 11, 2008, Chicago, Illinois

  • ​"Attracting Chinese Companies to Your City and Getting Chinese Companies as Clients," August 19, 2008, Chicago, Illinois

  • Fundraising Event to Support the May 12th Earthquake Victims, June 7, 2008, Chicago, Illinois 

  • An Investment Forum: "Changzhou Meets Midwest" and a Dinner Reception in Honor of the Visiting Delegation from Changzhou Municipal Government, May 6, 2008, Chicago, Illinois  ​

  • Cross Cultural and Language Training Workshop, April 30, 2008, Chicago, Illinois  ​

  • Setting Up and Operating a Business in China Workshop, April 29, 2008, Chicago, Illinois  ​

  • Trade Delegation to Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair), April 15-20, 2008, Guangzhou, China

  • Business Luncheon: "Toyota's Transformation from Importer to a Leading Manufacturer in North America," Hosted by The Japan America Society of Chicago, March 17, 2008, Chicago, Illinois

  • Eleventh Annual Chinese New Year, February 12, 2008, Chicago, Illinois

  • ​Executive Briefing for the China International Industry Fair hosted by the Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission, January 18, 2008, Chicago, Illinois

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