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Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce Delegation

The US-China Chamber of Commerce (“USCCC”), in co-operation with the Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce / Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce (“GDGCC”), hosted a “Business Exchange and Commerce Agreement Signing Ceremony” in Chicago on June 9.  The purpose of the event was to introduce GDGCC to members of USCCC and to further co-operation between USCCC and GDGCC to increase trade and investment activities between members of the two organizations.  The event was held at the office of USCCC in Chicago.  Over 20 corporate executives and professionals from the U.S. welcomed a high level delegation from GDCCC to Chicago. 


The GDCCC delegation was led The Honorable Lin Xiong, Member, Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party (Deputy Minister / Deputy Governor Rank) and Mr. Chen Dan, Chairman of GDCCC.  The Honorable Zhao Weiping, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Chicago attended the program and witnessed the Signing Ceremony. 


Mr. Siva Yam, President of USCCC indicated in his opening remark that USCCC had over 20 years of co-operation with Guangdong Province including a long term co-marketing program with The Canton Fair, the world’s largest and oldest trade show.  He said that Guangdong was the largest economy among all provinces and often labeled as “one step ahead of the rest of China.”  “Guangdong is one of the most important places for Americans to do business with,” stated Mr. Yam.  President Chen Dan pointed out Guangdong accounted for over 10%of the GDP and 10% of total retail sales in China.  “With the change in government policy and business environment in China, this creates a lot of opportunities for American businesses,” stated Mr. Chen.  Minister Lin Xiong concurred with Messrs. Yam and Chen regarding the business opportunities between the U.S. and Guangdong.  He pointed out that there were about 6 million private enterprises in China with over 1.5 million were considered large-sized companies.  “The initial foreign direct investments in Guangdong were from Hong Kong and Taiwan who were taking advantage of the low labor cost in China.  As the manufacturing cost in China has risen, many foreign companies are moving their production to other low cost counties.  Companies in Guangdong are now looking to upgrade their manufacturing and management technologies.  We, the government, also strongly encourage companies to go abroad to become more internationalized.  This creates spaces for co-operation,” said Minister Lin.  First Business News (television), Sing Tao, World Journal, China Press, and China Journal were among the media that reported on the event.








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