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Reverse Investment and Matchmaking Forum June 4th, 2014

The US-China Chamber of Commerce, in co-operation with the Global Alliance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, hosted a Reverse Investment and Matchmaking Forum in Chicago on June 4, 2014.  Over 180 corporate executives and professionals from the U.S. welcomed a delegation of more than 100 Chinese CEOs of SMEs to the Marriott Hotel in Chicago.  Dr. Theresa Ma, Senior Policy Advisor & Director of Asian American Outreach, Office of the Governor of Illinois, presented a letter from Governor Pat Quinn to the leader of the delegation.  Megan Schildgen, acting Director of Department of Commerce; Adlai Stevenson, former Senator and Visiting Professor to Renmin University in China; Andrew Rice, Senior Vice President of The Jordan Company, a private equity firm with over $2 billion of investments in 35 companies in China; and Alderman Edward Burke, Dean of the City Council of Chicago and Chairman of the City Finance Committee, gave speeches emphasizing the importance of SMEs and encouraging exchange between the U.S. and China. 


U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce and Global Alliance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises signed a “Long-term Agreement of In-depth Cooperation” during the event, in order to establish the green-path for small and medium sized companies in both countries, to enhance business activities, and to better serve Chinese companies to internationalize and American companies to open Chinese market.  The industries represented included venture capital, investments, manufacturing, new materials, new energy, manufacturing technology, information technology, specialty steel, specialty wood, and government agencies.  First Business Television News, Sino Vision Television, Sing Tao, World Journal, China Press and other leading news media reported on the event.  Both Chinese delegations and American firms enjoyed gracious communication, and the matchmaking forum was fruitful between businesses from both countries.  


2014年6月4日,中美总商会与全球中小企业联盟在芝加哥共同主办了2014中美企业合作周“反向投资与企业对接论坛”。来自美国企业的180余位公司高管和专业人士在芝加哥万豪大酒店与由百余位中国中小企业首席执行官组成的访问团亲切交流。伊利诺伊州州长办公室高级决策顾问马静仪博士代表州长将帕德 • 奎恩州长的亲笔信转交于中国访问团团长。商务部代主任梅根 • 舒德珍女士;前参议员、人民大学荣誉教授埃德莱 • 史蒂文森先生;在华拥有35家企业投资额超过20亿美元的私募基金乔丹公司高级副总裁安德鲁 • 赖斯先生;以及在芝加哥最具影响力的市议会议长兼金融委员会主席爱德华 • 伯克先生分别致词。他们认定了中小企业的重要性,并鼓励中美两国之间加强投资交流。在会上,中美总商会与全球中小企业联盟签署了《长期深度合作协议》,为中美两国中小企业开通绿色通道,加强商贸活动,为中国企业“走出去”和美国企业打开中国市场进一步服务。出席此次论坛的行业来自各个领域,包括风险投资、投资人、制造业、新材料、新能源、生产技术、信息技术、特种钢材、特种木材、以及政府部门等。第一财经新闻电视台、美国中文电视台、星岛日报、世界新闻、美国侨报及各大新闻媒体都对这次活动进行了报道。中美双方亲切的交流,两国企业间对接论坛成果丰硕。


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