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Justin Sutton
Apr 15, 2021
In General Discussions
Greetings to the world of Canton Fair! We are looking forward to engaging a suitable business entity to assist us in establishing our unique sustainable infrastructure system in China! Welcome to the Hydrogen Super Highway Elevated Rail System from the Interstate Traveler Company of Michigan USA. Under a Unanimous Mandate of the Michigan Legislature, the Interstate Traveler Company offers a truly Made in America project available for export to the world. To see our most recent proposal published here in Michigan known as the Motor City Maglev that will utilize over half a million Tons of Steel in its construction. Building 100 miles of parallel track connecting 100 Traveler Station served by 300 maglev transports the MCM will be the largest modern public transit project in America and create over one million square feet of indoor public space.. #Highways #Infrastructure #Hydrogen #HSR #PublicTransit #Transportation #Maglev #Solar #Sustainable #SDG #Michigan #Detroit #Jobs #Energy #Sustainability #Mobility Here is the PDF proposal for the Motor City Maglev edition of the the Hydrogen Super Highway.
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Justin Sutton

Justin Sutton

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