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Bridge the Gap: A worthy read in this time of revitalization.


Murakami USA

May 18, 2021

Michael Rodenberg

The COVID-19 Pandemic has reset the way each of us see life. In many cases, this pandemic has dramatically affected company culture. If you have found that your organization is suffering rather than recovering, U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce would like to recommend a book from our reading list. Bridge the Gap by Michael Rodenberg explores the principles and methodology of strengthening foundations already laid and revitalizing your organization.

Michael is C.E.O. of Murakami Manufacturing USA & Mexico, a Japanese corporation. He has had assignments in Japan, China, and various locations in the United States. Michael is also a long-time friend of the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce. As such, we have personally observed his experience in cross-cultural relations and leadership. The methods outlined are tried and true, making Bridge the Gap a worthy read full of insight, promise and hope.

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