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Director Emeritus

Andrew Rice

Sr. Vice President of International Business

The Jordan Company

Andy Rice is Senior Vice President of International Business at The Jordan Company, LP ("TJC"), a leading global middle-market private equity firm with more than $8 billion in assets under management. Since joining TJC in 1989, Mr. Rice has traveled extensively assisting TJC companies expand overseas. He has helped coordinate over 75 acquisitions, joint ventures and wholly-owned start-up operations worldwide. In addition, he has helped TJC companies establish numerous sourcing and sales offices worldwide. During the past 15 years Mr. Rice has focused on projects in China, Southeast Asia and India to support TJC projects in these growing regions. TJC and its affiliates has been a leading US investor in China completing 35 investments since 1995, including acquisitions of both private companies and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). Mr. Rice currently serves on the board of the US-China Chamber of Commerce and Past Chairman of the Board of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Global).

Andrew Rice
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