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Reuters: Supply Chain Execution
USA 2022


Reuters Events

June 1-2, 2022

Chicago, IL

U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce is a supporting partner of this live event to be held in Chicago. Members interested in attending can reach out directly to Reuters.

Reuters Events: Supply Chain Execution USA 2022

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Unlock Capacity, Drive Innovation and Revolutionize Supply Chain Execution


With logistics challenges all over the news, supply chain execution has become a boardroom conversation... pivotal to business success. The pressure demands action.


An opportunity to fundamentally reinvent an industry does not come around often. The time is now to make the changes that were always needed but never implemented.


Join us in Chicago June 1-2 as we bring together the end-to-end logistics ecosystem (from inbound logistics to
warehouse operations to last mile delivery) to revolutionize supply chain execution.

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